by Rose Weiner

March 2009 - Harvard

In March of '09, I was with a small prayer group at Harvard. After worshiping and singing in tongues for a long period of time, I had a vision. In this vision, I was above the clouds looking across the expanse of the sky (as when flying in an airplane). The sky was filled with bells that were ringing - there were myriads of them, many of them looked like the liberty bell. The bells were all sizes. I saw Jesus walking in the middle of these bells. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, "You know, this is the only nation ever founded because people loved Me in the history of the world. I founded Israel because I loved people and made them a great nation so I could  come as Messiah, the Savior of the world. But the United States of America was founded because people loved Me and sought a to create a nation where they could have freedom to worship Me. I will never forget that! "(When He said this His voice broke up with emotion and you could hear that He was holding back the tears.) Then He said, "I am going to move in a Great Spiritual Awakening to call this nation back to Myself."

After that I saw two visions. The first was a vision of George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Washington was sitting in a tent deep in meditation. He was writing at a table. The scene changed, and I saw three of the Founding Fathers - Jefferson, Franklin, and John Adams - as they were discussing their ideas for our new form of government. I heard this phrase going over and over in my spirit, "How great was their joy! How great was their joy!" The scene switched to a second vision. In this vision, I saw a great ax swinging in the air, but there were no hands swinging it, it was swinging by itself. Then the scene changed, and I saw Jesus standing by a tree. He cursed the tree and it shriveled from the roots and dried up. Then the Spirit of God said to me, "I am getting ready to lay the ax to the root of every false doctrine in this nation in every arena, and every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted is going to be cursed and will dry up from the roots."

Then the Lord said, "Didn't I say let the wheat and the tares grow up until the time of harvest, then at the time of harvest I will send forth my angels into the harvest field to gather out all those things that offend and those who do iniquity." Then the Lord said, "It's harvest time! The weeds which were sown in this nation in the early part of the 20th century while the church was sleeping have now come to full maturity and are trying to choke out the wheat. I am the One who has brought  the political movement of the hard left to the forefront. I have now put my spotlight on these people and brought them front and center. They  have been at war with Christianity and have attempted to force their progressive, Marxist socialist agenda on the people of the United States. I am waking everyone up so they can see it for what it is and reject it."

This gave me great encouragement, especially as Glenn Beck began to reveal "the plot" - I like to call his revelations the gallows that were built to hang Mordecai. I have not been discouraged because I know what God is doing. I have been so excited that sometimes  I feel like I am about to jump out of my skin and someone needs to scrape me off the ceiling. I believe that all of this is part of the Great Spiritual Awakening and the hand of God moving to preserve our Christian heritage of liberty to further Christ's purposes in the earth.

August 27, 2010

In October of '09, a prophet Bob Jones, had given me  a prophetic word that I took as confirmation. He said he had a dream and saw a rider like Paul Revere, waiting for the light to go on in the church belfry. He said, when the light goes on, there will be a spirit of rebellion against the progressive form of government that has been oppressing this nation, and it will sweep across America and the Second American Revolution will begin which will return this nation to its original foundations.

As I was flying to the Beck rally, the Lord gave me Jeremiah 50 and 51 and He said, "Put Marxists in there everywhere you see the word Babylon." This is a summary of what He showed me:

As I was in route to this rally the Lord said, "This is the fulfillment of the vision. Write it down - August 28, 2010, (from sundown August 27 to sundown August 20 - one day) the light will go on in the church belfry - Paul Revere will ride and the ministry will proclaim my message - the second American Revolution and 3rd Great Awakening will begin."

Then the words from Jeremiah began to roar in my ears against the Marxists in this nation, "Make the arrows bright! Gather the shields! Because it is the vengeance of the Lord - the vengeance for His temple, the church, because you were glad and rejoiced when you destroyed My heritage. The Lord has opened His armory. For this is the work of the Lord God of Hosts. Open up the storehouses of Marxism and cast it up as a heap of ruins. Go ahead, set up your standards and try to make your guard strong. The Lord has devised and done what He has spoken, your end has come!

"The Lord of hosts has sworn by Himself. They shall lift up a shout against you. He has made the earth by His power, when He utters His voice, lightings flash and light up the world! He is the maker of everything. And Israel (those who live by faith trust in Him) is the tribe of His inheritance. You are my battle-ax and weapon of war. For with you I will break the nation in pieces, I will destroy the horse and rider and you will see me repay Marxism for all the evil. I am against you, O destroying mountain. I will roll Marxism down like rocks and make it a burnt mountain. They will not be able to revive a stone for a foundation or for a corner.

"Set up the banner in the land. Blow the trumpet. Every purpose of the Lord shall be performed against Marxism. The mighty men of Marxism hide out in their strongholds - their might has failed. One runner will meet another, one messenger will say to the other, 'The city has been taken on all sides!' - all their men of war are terrified. I will prepare their feasts and make them drunk, and they will never wake up. I will punish Bel and I will bring judgment on its images.

Though Marxism were to mount up to heaven, though she were to fortify her strength to the sky, yet from me plunderers will come to her - a sound of a cry from the Marxists because the Lord is plundering her and silencing her loud voice! Every one of her bows is broken. The men of this city are as good as dead men. I will make them drunk and they will not wake up. The broad walls of Marxism shall be utterly broken. Her high gates (strong- holds in the universities, media, government) shall be burned with fire - Is not my word like fire- Lift up your heads, O you gates, and be lifted up you everlasting doors that the King of Glory may come in."

Then I heard the Lord say, "Everybody step back, I have had enough, I have answered the cries of my people. This battle is mine and now I have risen up to fight it!"

The Hand Writing Is On the Wall

The Babylonian king and 1000 of his lords were drunk clebrating their victories and praising their gods. The king ordered over  the holy cups that his father had taken from Jerusalem to be brought in and to drink from them. Suddenly the fingers of  mysterious hand appeared and wrote on the  wall, "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Uparshi." The king brought Daniel in who gave this interpretation: "Because you have lifted yourself up against the God of heaven and you have brought the vessels from His house and made you and your wives and concubines drunk with wine from them and the God who holds your breath in His hand and owns all your ways  you have not glorified, His hand has appeared to give you this message: 'God has numbered your kingdom and finished it. You have been weighed in the balances and have beenfound wanting. Your kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and Pesians.' "

At the very time  the hand appeared and began writing, the Medes and the Persians were pouring into Babylon through a dry canal they had dug under the walls. After Daniel had finished his interpretation, the Persians burst into the the place, killed the king and took over the kingdom. The king and his men were all so drunk they didn't know what hit them. Nor did they ever wake up from their drunken stupor, just as the Lord foretold through Jeremiah.

As  it has been- so it ever shall be.  God is not mocked forever. As Dr. King once noted, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. No lie can live forever." Everything about our national history screams out that we as a nation we have a covenant with God.  This nation was not established by the whim of man, but by the will of God,. It was not established to be taken over by the Marxist or the atheist. It was establied by and for Chiristian people for God's purpose in the nations. God's covenant and His promises to this nation will stand.  Marxism was delivered a deathblow at the downfall of the Soviet Union. Now God is removing its tenacles from this nation. Even now the Spiritual Awakening has begun. We can see the first fruits in the rise of the teaparty canidates, to return this nation to its founding principles. This is all happening because of the covenant our founding fathers and mothers made with God and in the response to the prayers of His people.



"Many thanks for coming to our Men’s Training Conference. The Lord used you to impart a great blessing to the men, to challenge them for a life

in faith and expectancy to our great God who wants to do more than we can pray and think of. It was great to start with “Grace” and to give a clear vision and direction to the men not to live just for themselves but to pass on the best message of all times. You imparted your heart and passion as well

as practical steps to take like the V.I.P List- thes...

HOLY SPIRIT, Truth divine,
Dawn upon this soul of mine;
Word of God and inward light,
Wake my spirit, clear my sight.

untitled-3.jpg"I have never met any man in the ministry like Bob Weiner. Every message is a missile aimed at the heart of believers and preachers alike. Bob's unique ministry of faith and vision is unparalleled in the Body of Christ. At this year's Global Strategy Conference he ministered powerfully to all our international delegates and our local leaders. I recommend Bob highly."

--Wendell and Gini Smith, Senior Pastor - The City Church - Seattle, WA

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